Admin Site Overview

Through the Administration section, you have complete control of Volunteer Information, Event and Shift creation, and Shift Sign up. It is available from anywhere to anyone who has authorization to access it.

Event and Shift Module

Here you have the ability to create and manage events and shifts, for special/yearly type events as well as ongoing events. You can set the minimum numbers of volunteers required for a shift, and if the event is open to public volunteers to sign up. You can view lists of upcoming events and shifts, and see at a glance how many positions are taken and available.

Volunteer Module

This module gives you complete control over all your volunteer information. You can add new volunteers or edit existing information, sign volunteers up for shifts, view a volunteer's schedule, and even email them their schedule as a handy reminder.

Email Functionality

The email module contains the ability to send multiple types of emails to your volunteers. You can send volunteers their upcoming schedules so they can see all of their commitments in a convenience calendar type format. There is also a Shift Reminder email that sends shift information email to all volunteers signed up for a particular shift. You can also create your own emails quickly and easily using a WYSIWYG editor. Useful for contacting volunteers about upcoming events they may be interested in, or for sending other types of information they may need.


Standard reporting includes many different types of reports, for use before, during, and after an event. The powerful filters for the reports allow you to access all the information you need, while filtering out what you don't. You have the ability to pull volunteers lists by different criteria, including by Committee, Event, Shift, and Date. Fill Reports can be used before and during an event, showing you where and when volunteers are needed. The Event Total reports include the Number of Unique Volunteers, Number of Volunteer Hours, and Number of Shifts.

Customize your information

You can add additional data entry fields to your forms so you can collect all the information that's important to you. There are multiple text fields and checkboxes available. You set the label and sort order to your liking.